Орфічний гімн Справедливості (Ορφικός Ύμνος Στην Δικαιοσύνη)

Орфічний гімн Справедливості

Ορφικός Ύμνος Στην Δικαιοσύνη



Англомовний переклад:


The Fumigation from Frankincense.

O Blessed Equity [Dikaiosune], mankind’s delight,

the eternal friend of conduct just and right:

Abundant, venerable, honor’d maid,

to judgments pure, dispensing constant aid,

A stable conscience, and an upright mind;

for men unjust, by thee are undermin’d,

Whose souls perverse thy bondage ne’er desire,

but more untam’d decline thy scourges dire:

Harmonious, friendly power, averse to strife,

in peace rejoicing, and a stable life; 

Lovely, loquacious, of a gentle mind,

hating excess, to equal deeds inclin’d:

Wisdom, and virtue of whate’er degree,

receive their proper bound alone in thee.

Hear, Goddess Equity [Dikaiosune],

the deeds destroy of evil men, which human life annoy;

That all may yield to thee of mortal birth,

whether supported by the fruits of earth,

Or in her kindly fertile bosom found,

or in the depths of Marine Jove [Zeus] profound.

(Translated by Thomas Taylor)

Джерело перекладу: https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/thanakwill/post294665000


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